In our pursuit of excellence, we take particular pride in offering high level photo and video editing for all kind of activities like team events, company presentation, inspections, quality audits, photogrammetry, project monitoring, insurance records,… Sky is not the limit !!!


On the basis of a preliminary and concerted analysis as well as specific requests from your side, our professional and royalty-free video editings meet your most precise requirements and can be used on any digital media in order to ensure at best the promotion and the influence of your activity.


We also make indoor flights and ground shots that will ideally complete our aerial shootings.


Please consult our offers or contact us via the enclosed form and we’ll find the formula that best suits your needs.


Video editing

The sercice includes :

  • Full video editing (format to be defined) with royalty-free music
  • Flight clearance and administrative fees

Picture report

The sercice includes :

  • Set of edited pictures
  • Flight clearance and administrative fees

Flat rate

On demand:

  • ½ day package:  Pictures and/or video editing based on a maximum of 3 locations.
  • Full day package: Pictures and/or video editing based on a maximum of 6 locations.

But again…

Can’t find exactly what you need in our service offer ?
You have an innovative idea we haven’t thought of for you yet ?
We are listening to you !!!

Feel free to contact us by phone on +32 470 34 34 34, email or via the attached form and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.


Founded in 2016, Drone2be’s philosophy is to listen to its partners in order to provide the most precise and best adapted services.

Our assignments are carried out in strict compliance with the Belgian legislation. All official authorizations and flight clearances are carried out by us.

In addition, our insurances and risk assessments ensure you a result in complete serenity.

As a DGTA RPA certified operator for VLOS in class 1 scenario, our experienced pilot is able to best meet your specific needs and offer you innovative solutions in terms of shootings.

Our quadri and hexacopter aircrafts (thus authorized to fly over people) are duly approved and insured and meet the highest criteria in terms of safety and image quality. We also carry out all types of indoor missions using our dedicated and secure RPA.


Inspire 2 drone

Inspire 2


The Inspire 2 allows exceptional photo and video capture using its intelligent flight modes, its professional camera with interchangeable lenses and its high-performance obstacle avoidance systems.

The machine's level of safety and technology make it one of the most advanced and reliable drones on the market.

    DJI Mavic 2 pro

    Mavic 2 pro


    Extremely compact and manoeuvrable, the Mavic 2 pro is equipped with the outstanding Hasselblad 20MP camera for breathtaking quality images and videos! It also has the latest security technologies which make it an ideal tool for the demanding videographer.

      Mavic mini

      Mavic mini


      Weighing only 249 grams, our Mavic Mini is as light as the average smartphone! Ready for any legal flight in the scope of the upcoming European legislation, it supports high quality aerial photos and 2.7K videos. A 3-axis motorized gimbal provides superior camera stability and ensures clear, ultra-smooth footage.

        Sony Alpha7 et Xhiyun Crane 2

        Alpha7 III


        Because a video is above all a story… In order to complete our aerial shots, the Zhiyun image stabilizer combined with our Sony Alpha 7 camera makes it possible to take remarkably stable pictures and videos from the ground by reproducing the « drone eye » and by adding multiple effects such as panoramic shots, slow motion, time-lapse and many others.

          Immersive flights with DJI Goggles

          Embark in our drones and share our passion for flying !!!

          Discover the First Person View experience with Goggles on. Your comments and requests will allow us to further increase the excellence level of your videos.

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